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3 New Whatsapp Settings and Features 2023

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3 New Whatsapp Settings and Features 2023

WhatsApp has always been committed to providing users with a user-friendly and feature-rich communication experience.

As the world evolves, so does the app, with constant improvements and innovative additions. In 2023, WhatsApp released three new settings and features to enhance user privacy, group management, and multimedia experience. Let’s dive into these new additions!

Privacy and Security Enhancements

WhatsApp is always working towards ensuring user privacy and security. In 2023, they rolled out two new features to improve this aspect of the app.

Disappearing Mode

A step up from the previous disappearing messages feature, the new Disappearing Mode takes privacy to the next level.

When enabled, all messages sent in a chat will automatically vanish after a specified time frame, ranging from one hour to one week. This feature can be used in individual and group discussions, ensuring your sensitive messages remain confidential.

Account Lockdown

The Account Lockdown feature is designed to protect your account from unauthorized access. If enabled, your report will be locked after several failed login attempts.

Users must verify their identity through a secondary authentication method, such as a code sent via SMS or a fingerprint scan, to regain access to their accounts.

Improved Group Management

Group chats are an essential aspect of WhatsApp, and the developers have made improvements to help users manage their groups more efficiently.

Advanced Group Admin Controls

Group admins now have access to advanced controls that offer more excellent management capabilities. Admins can now set specific permissions for each group member, allowing them to control who can send messages, add new members, or change group settings.

Additionally, admins can monitor group activity and statistics, enabling them to identify and address any issues within the group.

Group Member Search Functionality

The new Group Member Search feature lets users quickly find specific group members by typing their names in the search bar. This feature benefits large groups, where scrolling through the member list can be time-consuming.

Enhanced Multimedia Experience

WhatsApp has improved its multimedia experience with two new features that make sharing and viewing media more convenient.

Image Compression Settings

Users can now choose their preferred image compression settings for incoming and outgoing media. This feature allows you to select between higher-quality images with larger or lower-quality images with smaller file sizes, depending on your personal preferences and data usage limitations.

In-App Video Player

The new In-App Video Player allows users to watch videos shared in their chats without leaving the app. This feature supports multiple video formats and offers playback controls, such as play/pause, rewind, and fast-forward, for a seamless viewing experience.


WhatsApp’s new features in 2023 demonstrate the company’s commitment to user privacy, enhanced group management, and an improved multimedia experience.


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