You can now transfer WhatsApp data from your Android phone to iPhone

WhatsApp can now allow you to transfer app data directly from an Android phone into an iPhone. Users can now export chat history as well as media files or voice conversations to and from Android to iPhone through an app called the Move from Android to iOS app. This new function is available in beta now and will be accessible to everyone users on the chat app within the next week.

WhatsApp already has a feature for users to transfer the data via iPhone and Android. This feature was initially available only on Samsung phones, but it was later released to other devices. The new approach will work opposite way and permit Android users the option to change to iPhone as well as the WhatsApp history.

Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement on Facebook. “This is a popular feature. We introduced the change from Android to iPhone in the last year and  now we are adding the Android->iPhone switch as well.”

According to WhatsApp transfer can only be used on factory reset or brand new iPhones. This is the same limitation that it has to transfer between iPhone from iPhone to Android.

Users must also run Android 5 or greater for their Android devices, and iOS15.5 and up for their iPhones.

How do you transfer WhatsApp history From Android to iPhone

For the first step you’ll need to install and launch your move for iOS app to Your Android phone. The prompts on screen will lead you to a number on your iPhone. Enter the code into your Android phone and then press Continue, and then follow the instructions.

When you are on the “Transfer Data” screen, you’ll be required to select “WhatsApp” and then press “Start.” WhatsApp will create a backup from your data and start your transfer procedure to Android onto iPhone.

WhatsApp informs users that the procedure allows you to transfer all of your history with the exception of your display name and phone history. The transferred data will not be stored in you iCloud up until the time you make an archive.

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